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What are eyelash extensions?

They are lashes made from PBT silk or mink (a synthetic material that retains curl, is cruelty-free, hygienic, and lightweight) that are adhered one extension to one natural lash, creating length, curl, and volume.


What are hybrid eyelash extensions?

Classic lashes and volume lashes combined. Volume lashes are small-diameter lashes combined to create a fan that is adhered to the natural lash. They are the equivalent of a classic extension, but with more lashes.


How long do they last?

Extensions will last approximately 4-6 weeks, but they must be filled in about every two to possibly three weeks as we naturally lose between 1-6 eyelashes per eye per day. Infills are analogous to getting your nails filled or your roots touched up.

Can I use mascara?

While you shouldn’t because you don’t need mascara with extensions, you can use an oil-free mascara (water soluble) on the tips to avoid tugging at the base where the adhesive is.

Will extensions damage my natural lash?

Not if applied by a trained lash artist.

Who can get extensions?

Anyone with healthy lashes and healthy eyes can get extensions.

What is the process?

Prior to appointment, use an oil-free make-up remover, and come in with make-up free eyes. You will have to remove contacts if you wear them. We will have a consultation. You will sign a release, have your eyes photographed (for me only; unless you agree to allow a before/after eye shot), lie down to have your lower lashes secured, then your upper lashes will be prepped and lashed. It’s a good idea to take a nap during the process as it may last over two hours. You may also wear a headset to listen to music or a book.

Can I swim after getting extensions?

In the first 24 hours, you cannot get them wet as the adhesive is curing. You will be given an aftercare sheet of “do and don’ts” to optimize the beauty and life of the extensions.

Can I use Latisse with extensions?

Yes. You may also use the generic Latisse, Careprost.

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