Full Classic Set
$150 /  2 hrs.

One Lash Extension to one Natural Lash.

Full Classic Set w/ removal

For clients needing an infill from another studio.

$150 / 2.5  hrs.


Full Hybrid Set

Classic lashes and volume lashes.

$175 / 2  hrs.


Infills are required when you have lost 50% or less of your lashes – typically 2-3 weeks. After 4 weeks, please book appropriate extended infill.

Classic Infills (established clients)
$55 / 60 min.


Hybrid Infills (established clients)
$65 / 60 min.


Extended Infill (5-7 wks) (established clients)
$125 / 90 min.


Removal/Lash Lift/Lash Tint 
(extension removal and lash lift/lash/brow tint)
$95 / 90 min.


Novalash Services
Full Novalash Classic Set


$175 / 2  hrs.


One Novalash extension to one natural lash. Instantly waterproof and oil proof! Infills every 2-4 weeks or 50% of lashes remaining

Full Novalash London Volume Set


$250 / 3  hrs.


Lightweight fans made of 8-15 (.03) Novalash lashes to one natural lash for a healthy and dramatic mega volume set. Instantly waterproof and oil proof! Infills every 3-5 weeks or 50% of lashes remaining

Novalash Classic Infill (established clients)
(2 - 4 weeks)
$75 / 60 min.


Volume/Mega volume
(established clients - 3-5 weeks)
$125 / 90 min.


Lifts, Tints, and More
Lash Lift

The natural lashes are permed so that they look longer. This procedure is complimented further with a lash tint. The procedure lasts 4-6 weeks.

$55 / 1  hr.


Lash Lift / Tint
$75 / 1 hr.


Lash Sealer

A leave-in treatment to extend the life of the extensions. Provides a beautiful black sheen.



Lash Growth Serum

A three-month treatment to strengthen and grow the natural lashes. Perfect for the lash addict.



Pout Plumper

A lip mask to plump your pout while you get lashed.

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Note: Please arrive a few minutes before your appointment time so that you may use the restroom, fill out forms if new, remove makeup, contact lenses, &c.